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Need a garden shed? Steel Frame Concepts are also the Wellington Region local Authorised Distributor for Garden Master Sheds®.  Maybe you don't need a large shed but something smaller the does the job for you. Garden Master Sheds® are New Zealand made and have been around since 1974. They are using more New Zealand made steel that come in 21 different sizes and 14 colours (including zincalume).

Garden Master Sheds® are made from high tensile steel, formed into a deep ribbed profile. It is the “rib” that provides the inherent strength of your shed. Closely spaced ribs with heavy gauge channels form a strong panel that acts as a tension membrane when assembled, making extra framework unnecessary. Like Fair Dinkum Sheds they are New Zealand’s most customisable kits.  Choose your garden shed roof style, shed size, shed colour, shed windows and the sheds door placement to suit your needs.  Garden Master sheds® are made up of only 4 walls panels and a roof panel that form most of their sheds. These sheds can be erected in within half a day! All you need is a drill, screwdriver or riveter and maybe an extra pair of hands. Step-by-step DVD instructions will come with your shed along with all the screws or rivets to complete the job.

Garden Master Sheds® come with up to 18 years warranty, If any Garden Master Sheds® component  fails – It will be replaced (Conditions apply).
Make sure your shed is built and secured to our instructions as a minimum.

Garden Master Sheds® are avaliable in two forms

  • Boxed Sheds - The boxed shed is delivered in smaller pieces making handling and transporting easier and more economical. Your shed will come
        broken down in one cardboard box and in most cases a longer plastic wrapped channel pack. The door is pre-assembled and pre-hinged, meaning
        they are still easy to assemble. Comes complete with screws, rivets and a drill bit.
        A floor can be purchased and added in seperatly at a later stage should you wish.
  • Panel Sheds - In panel form you will receive exactly the same shed but pre-assembled into four walls and the roof (two sections for gable roof). Just
        join the corners and slip the roof on. In panel form the Garden Master sheds are only available in the North Island as freighting the panels is very
        expensive and they can be easily damaged.

Garden Master Sheds® are simple to install and can take from half a day to 2 days to put up correctly.  However if you don't think you can install it correctly or don't have time to put it up, you may arrange for an installer such as your own builder or have one of our installers to come out at an extra cost.

Please contact us for more information regarding Garden Master Sheds® or any NZ Garden Sheds when requesting a quote through us.

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