Habitable Buildings

Steel is the most important engineering and construction material in the world. Its use in building houses has recently gained momentum, providing a more durable, low cost, and flexible alternative to traditional timber methods. Steel Frame Concept  range of habitable sheds are ideal for the lifestyle block owner or farmer. Architecturally designed to make efficient use of the space, our designs units are comfortable, affordable and modern. These are ideal as a permanent home, batch, sleepout, studio or extra accommodation. They come with Double glazed windows and a ranch slider that provides plenty of natural light and give the units a spacious fell. Also come with floor coverings, lined Gib, sinks, insulation such as batts in walls/ceilings, bathroom, kitchen, toilets and much more depending on whats required. Steel Frame Concepts can organize a package making this a hassle free way to build. We can also incorporate heating solutions such as woodburners, septic tanks, stairs, patios etc. Should you require someone to come out and check the site for you, to get an idea what options you have. Or you may require assistance in planning, council conscents, site clearing, foundations, to a finish building that you can live in, then feel free to contact us.

What the Boys say:

Having worked with steel for 20 years, George, who is a carpenter, joiner and licensed building practitioner, saw a next step for the business – a way to give people more flexibility when looking to build a home.

“We basically took the idea and turned it into a house. The steel portal frame is the structure, so there are no restrictions on where internal walls can go. The floor plan can be whatever you’d like,” he says.

Currently, of their 15 buildings under construction, 3 are steel houses. James Krall, who is in charge of sales for the company, explains how he became a convert to steel.

“I wanted to build a house and came across this system. The main draw for me was the simplicity. Using Steel makes the whole process faster and more efficient and gives you the freedom to use your imagination. You can have a strong, quality home built in 3-4 months,” he says.