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Customised designs
Steel Frame Concepts ltd utilises MultiBuild®  software which is the most innovative computerised building system in New Zealand. Each building is specifically designed and customised to meet your requirements and measurements using our MultiBuild® computer software. This software allows us to generate personalised plans, specifications for your chosen style and size of building.​

Our range of buildings is extensive and growing all the time (presently over 8,000 individual designs). We are sure to have one that meets your needs. We also offer a wide range of standard colours allowing you to personalise your building or help your building blend with its surrounding.


Flexible dimensions

Our industrial buildings and barns can have up to a 35m clear span and can be as long as you require,  with bays up to 8m long. We can provide buildings to suit your own requirements and make changes in dimensions by as little as 20mm. We have no standard sizes. We can also advise you the most effective and cost efficient size for your building.


Engineered quality

Our range of quality steel buildings feature cold rolled galvanised portal frames for durability, strength and simplicity. All buildings are engineer-designed to meet the requirements of local authorities and the New Zealand building code.  They come complete with drawings and specifications that show all relevant information for your particular building. This information includes the size and gauge of all structural members, purlin and girt spacing.



Coloursteel and Zincalume are available in a large range of standard colours for walls, roof, doors and trim. We can also provide alternative cladding as required.


Quality assured

With 50-years on structural components dependant on building type and usage. 30-years on cladding and 15 - years warranty on all structural frames and cladding components.  Buildings erected by Steel Frame Concepts ltd have a 10-year workmanship warranty and best of all, for your quality steel building components are manufactured here in New Zealand.


Full service

As well as supplying kit buildings, Steel Frame Concepts Ltd can offer a full building service from the first planning stages  through to the final code of compliance certificate.



Because our kit buildings are easy to build we encourage customers to assemble their buildings themselves.  For a small fee our staff will provide on site consultancy at critical stages of the building process to ensure your building goes up with a minimum of fuss.


Software Ready

Full building design and engineering service with our sophisticated MultiBuild® software. As well as print out your designs for you to take with you.


Start to Finish

Should you not want to tackle the building project yourself let us manage it from start to finish.  From the clearing of the site to the installation of the last flashing we have the staff and the contractors necessary to provide you with a complete solution.

MultiBuild® Software Design Service


​Fair Dinkum authorised distributors use a design software called MultiBuild®.

This modern Tool is exclusive to Fair Dinkum distributors and enables us to:

  • Quickly and easily come up with a custom design best suited to you.
  • Instantly quote to the dollar your custom design, informing you quickly on different prices as you add and remove features of your design.
  • Save templates and designs of popular Fair Dinkum sheds which may suit exactly what you are looking for.
  • Modify their existing designs to suit your requirements.
  • Design an extension to your existing shed.
  • Export details to the engineering and drafting departments to certify your custom design in minutes.
  • Instantly calculate all the components for your shed to the exact measurements – no waste and no limits on sizes.
  • MultiBuild® software has been developed progressively over the last 15 years and combines all the features to design a shed to your individual needs.
  • We have a new Engineering facility that designs your shed to your site conditions  - and to the best possible price !
  • The software prints plans and specifications specific to your building that are ready for your Building Consent with the Local Council.
  • All this work is done in minutes at our desk with you and you take home an accurate plan and set of specifications.


 ​Do you want a kit you can build yourself, or will you need the services of a shed-builder? Not all companies provide high quality instructions and DVD’s to assist you in the construction of your shed or garage. Ask your supplier to see these beforehand to help you decide the best seller for your needs. If you plan to have the shed built, check what services your shed company provides, as some have in-house builders, whilst others use sub-contractors and assist with the project management.
Either way, you should check their quality by asking to see testimonials or examples of their work. Reputable sellers will be happy to share this information. When considering whether to build yourself or engage a builder, you need to be aware of the steps associated with building a shed which are:

  •  Measure, design, quote and get engineered plans
  • Complete design drawings suitable for Building Consent
  • Apply for Building Consent(s)
  • Apply for Resource Consent(s)
  • Excavation and site preparation (Plumbing, drainage, electrical, data or telephone services)
  • Footings and/or slab poured
  • Frame assembly then cladding
  • Connect internal provisions and fit out
  • Project Management
  • Fitout work, domestic and commercial

Building Services